What are the benefits of private paying for therapy?

There are many factors that influence one’s decision to private pay for therapy services. This post will address some of the main reasons behind private paying for therapy services. 

One of the main reasons for private paying for mental health therapy is your confidentiality. When using insurance your medical records are available to these companies for review at any time. Thus, some choose to private pay if they have something  they need to talk about that they are ashamed of or something they don’t want others to know. The only way therapists cannot protect your clinical information is when it meets mandatory reporting guidelines or a court subpoena. 

The second reason people may pursue private pay is due to the accessibility of services. The person seeking therapy is not being guided by when the insurance company therapists’ work. This allows for more freedom is service deliver, for example evening or weekend sessions. Also, there is no need for a referral for therapy services needed when a person utilizes private pay. 

Private pay therapists tend to see less clients on a weekly or monthly basis versus insurance providers, which is the third point of this post. This can then have a net positive effect for you and your progress.  A burned out therapist may be easily distracted in session and miss nuanced opportunities for interventions when providing therapy.

If your therapist is showing up exhausted and you are needing to pay copays for every visit, your length of care may be longer than those who private pay. When your therapist shows up recharged and focused your outcomes may be quicker. This can lead to cost savings over time. This is our fourth point.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) are two easy ways to pay for therapy using pre-tax dollars. Also, quite a number of therapist provide superbills. A superbill allows you to submit a bill of service to your insurance company for reimbursements. Some insurance companies accept superbills and others do not. It is crucial that you inquire with your insurance company as to if they accept superbills.

You are able to see our individual and couples therapy rates on our FAQ page.

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