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Expert guidance and therapy support for Adults experiencing anxiety, depression, panic disorder, mood disorders, trauma,
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Individual and Couples Therapy
In-Person in Kenosha and Online throughout Wisconsin & Colorado

Our mission is to support and empower those who experience mental health, addiction, and trauma challenges to achieve the lives they desire. Through therapy, you can learn to process and resolve these challenges. Throughout our therapeutic journey, you will rediscover your ability to manage emotions, reconnect with life, bond with others, and uncover your identity that has been taken over by traumatic experiences, powerful, unpredictable mood swings, or hallucinations. Healing and growth take time, commitment, and intention.

Our work will allow you to be aware of changes in your mood and negative thought patterns that paralyze you. We will develop a self-identity that represents who you are, integrating those traumatic events that previously held you back.

Core Values: Empathy, non-judgmental, grit, acceptance, flexibility, and perseverance

Individual and Couples Therapy In-Person in Kenosha and Online throughout Wisconsin & Colorado
Daniel Gospodarek, LCSW

Daniel Gospodarek, LCSW

I am the founder of Revitalize Mental Health PLLC, and so happy you are here. You are here for a reason. Is the pain of staying the same worth the potential risk of healing and growth? Others have been in this same place. Feelings of being scared, intimidated, and ashamed are pieces of the larger process at work here. Change is difficult. Change can be painful. With support and empowerment, you can achieve the life you desire and work through past events that still cause you pain. If your pain is too great that putting it into words is difficult, we will work to repair the mind-body connection that has been broken and build from there. Change occurs when you decide that things will be different from this point forward. If you are in that place and inspired to make lasting changes in your life, submit a form here. I will walk with you through this journey to support and challenge you.

I love watching the transformation that occurs in the lives of the people I work with. From overcoming traumatic experiences, assisting those who have experienced traumatic brain injuries, managing mood swings, or coping with life stressors. All these topics are welcomed in the therapy room.

EMDR Therapist

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a form of therapy that uses eye movements or other bilateral stimulation to help individuals process traumatic memories and alleviate symptoms associated with trauma. It involves eight phases, including history taking, preparation, desensitization, installation, and body scan. EMDR has been shown to be effective for various conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, and phobias

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Clinician

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on mindfulness, acceptance, and values-based behavior change. The goal of ACT is to help individuals develop psychological flexibility and learn to accept unpleasant thoughts and emotions, while taking action in line with their values. It has been used to treat various mental health conditions, including anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and chronic pain.

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