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Sometimes, things don’t feel real.

You’re not sure why this is happening – not sure if this is real.

It seems like you have people talking inside your head. Those ‘people’ hear your thoughts and have been talking back to you. Sometimes, these voices are supportive, but mainly, they degrade you and your self-esteem.

Those voices sometimes tell you to do things you wouldn’t normally do.


As your illness increases, you may even begin to believe you are a different person than you are or can do things you can’t do.

Self-isolation is your only motivation.

Your motivation to engage in life declines, and others voice their concerns, but you don’t know what to do. You feel powerless. Lost.

Getting out of bed becomes a chore; before, you would work all day and spend time with friends and family without getting tired. Emotions themselves now feel blunted and dry. You begin to question if you can handle anything.

You wonder if others hear the voices but are too scared to ask for the truth.

The voices create chatter in your mind, but all they do is further isolate you from the people in your life. Your world slowly becomes smaller and smaller as the alienation grows.


Your life shrinks.

Over time, friends and family notice changes in your character and behavior. Jobs that were once easy become complicated by the constant interference of voices.

Activities and hobbies you once enjoyed no longer interest you. Aspects of your life that were once a motivator no longer appeal to you.

The pain you experience from the voices keeps isolating you from those that care about you and hinder you from pursuing your values.

Growth takes time.

Although you may have lived with these challenges for some time, there is hope. There is room for growth. We will discuss the challenges you face in-depth and learn their role in your life.

Our work will identify values you hold as important and structure ways to pursue these. We will work to create space between the voices you hear and how they impact you. This work will increase your ability to respond and not react to your challenges.

You will identify ways to stay in the present moment when the voices are present.


In our work together, we will work to develop a sense of self-compassion versus the harshness of self-loathing and doubt.

Stifle those negative voices and create your reality.

You can silence those negative voices, gain motivation, and expand your life and relationships with work.

The work we will do has the potential to improve your life significantly.

This step can change your life. Despite the apprehension, you will not be alone in this journey.

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