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Physical pain is a normal part of life, we can’t escape it. However, medical conditions and certain mental illnesses can create lasting chronic pain on that can greatly impact people’s lives. In some cases, physical pain may decrease with medical or individual therapy aka mental health therapy. But what do you do if it doesn't? How do you continue to live your life?

What Creates Chronic Pain?

Pain is created when there is a disturbance in the communication between our central nervous system and brain. This disturbance can be related to a physical injury, an internal condition such as an autoimmune disease, or a mental illness. Regardless of the cause, chronic pain can significantly interfere with the quality of life. 

How Do You Move Past Chronic Pain?

We can't be 100% certain that a medical advancement in the future won’t be created to cure chronic pain. However, as of now, there isn’t a remedy like this.

As of now, a person who experiences chronic pain can engage in therapy to help them live life alongside this stressor. At Revitalize Mental Health PLLC we are trained in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to support folks who experience chronic pain in their lives. 

How Does Therapy Help with Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain can often dominate one's life, making it easier to lay low rather than pursue our values. We may have the energy to follow our values, but we may choose not to due to the presence of chronic pain. However, this cycle can create guilt or shame that builds over time. ACT therapy can help individuals identify their value areas and take small steps to pursue them each day. ACT can also support people examine their thought processes surrounding chronic pain, how it affects their actions and mood, and promote acceptance to reduce chronic stress. ACT therapy can greatly increase the quality of one’s life by supporting folks to learn to live their lives to the fullest despite their challenges with chronic pain, and living life in recovery

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Chronic pain and its effects do not have to control your life. Allow therapy to support you in finding ways, strategies, and methods to live your life to the fullest. 

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