Polyvagal Theory

How to Regulate Dissociation

Dissociation is one of the many different responses someone may have during and/or after a traumatic or other overwhelming event. But, how to regulate dissociation is a more complex question to answer as it involves how the nervous system perceives threats and the different states of the nervous system. We will discuss how the nervous […]

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Why Do We Dissociate?

Many people commonly ask why do we dissociate? Dissociation is a complex process that occurs internally and unconsciously. Our ability to dissociate is largely managed by the nervous system and its ability to regulate given factors in our environment. Nervous System Evolution Throughout the millennia the human body has experienced slow, but ever-changing evolution and

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Effects of Violence on Mental Health

In a society that is more connected via social media and the internet than ever, we can experience the effects of violence on mental health. Additionally, with violent events appearing to occur more frequently, we can easily find ourselves involved in these types of traumatic events. Violence in the Media It seems like everywhere we

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Navigating Life with C-PTSD

Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) occurs from experiencing prolonged exposure to childhood neglect, abuse, feelings of having limited protection, and/or limited attachment to caregivers. Despite these events occurring throughout childhood, the lasting effects of C-PTSD can be devastating. However, working with a therapist trained in trauma can effectively help someone regain their sense of meaning

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What is Polyvagal Theory?

The polyvagal theory highlights how the nervous system responds to threat – fight, flight, freeze, and sometimes fawning/appeasement. Polyvagal theory details that we have different states to our nervous system. The three main states in polyvagal theory are: A Sympathetic State – where we fight/flight in response to stress/trauma A Ventral Vagal State – where

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