October 2023

What is Polyvagal Theory?

The polyvagal theory highlights how the nervous system responds to threat – fight, flight, freeze, and sometimes fawning/appeasement. Polyvagal theory details that we have different states to our nervous system. The three main states in polyvagal theory are: A Sympathetic State – where we fight/flight in response to stress/trauma A Ventral Vagal State – where […]

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Social Media and Mental Health

Recent research has shown that negative correlations between social media consumption and an increase in mental health symptoms. See the article on the National Library of Medicine for a more in-depth article here. Additionally, a person can experience vicarious trauma from all of the world events occurring in society from the constant exposure to the

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You Aren’t Alone: The Truth About Men’s Mental Health

Were you ever told, “Boys don’t cry,” or “Be a man,” when you were sad? These types of stereotypes have caused millions of men to suffer in silence, whether they have depression, anxiety, panic disorder, or another mental illness. We’re here to let you know you no longer have to struggle alone. How Many Men Have

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Mental Health Therapies

All mental health therapy modalities are not equal. Finding the best therapy modality and best therapist to delivery these interventions is paramount. Some people can find benefit from traditional ‘talk therapy’ formats. Other people, depending on many variables, may benefit from other forms of therapy such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Somatic Experiencing,

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