Can Couples Therapy Improve My Relationship?

Therapy in general is still highly stigmatized in the United States. To seek relationship therapy may be even more negatively perceived due to the perception

Couples therapy can help improve your relationship.that the overall relationship is ‘struggling’. This does not always have to be the case. There are various points in time people in relationships seek therapy. A few may be:

  • To plan for future challenges in life
  • Discuss past challenges in the relationship
  • Address communication challenges
  • Determine how best to support their partner
  • To discuss separation or divorce dynamics
  • To learn ways to support children and their growth

How Can Couples Therapy Help My Relationship?

Seeking relationship therapy can provide a safe place to address pertinent concerns, challenges, or perceived issues that may arise in the future. Working with a couples therapist to address these challenges/stressors directly can defuse resentment, shame, and emotional pain in a healthy, structured way. Couples therapy can help you re-spark the love and connection you both desire from one another. For additional benefits of couples therapy, check out Advanced Psychiatry Associates article here on the benefits of couples therapy. 

Is Couples Therapy Beneficial?

Couples therapy can be challenging if one person does not want to attend or see the need/value to engage in relationship therapy. This can impede progress. However, if both individuals see the value and are ready to engage in couples therapy, this can be very beneficial to the health and well-being of the relationship.

What Factors Impact My Relationship?

People are so unique that this is an exhaustive list. This blog post will refer to the type of couple therapy we provide at Revitalize Mental Health PLLC. Our specialty areas in practice include: how mental health symptoms (including addiction), various forms of trauma, and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) impact the relationship dynamic(s). If your relationship is impacted by one or more of these factors, then working with us may be a good fit.

How to Start Couples Therapy Near Me?

Wherever you live, starting with a Google search to locate a therapist for couples or couples therapist near me will yield many results. It is important to interview the therapist, before you start therapy services, to ensure their skill set matches the needs of your relationship.

Couples Therapy in Kenosha South Kenosha

At Revitalize Mental Health PLLC we offer Couples Therapy in Kenosha, South Kenosha, and other mental health services for those relationships impacted by mental illness, TBIs, addiction, and various forms of trauma. Often, people in couples therapy may be encouraged to engage in 1:1 therapy to address topics that are not suitable for couples therapy, i.e. trauma reprocessing. If you and your partner are interested in starting couples therapy, submit a form here to take your next step!

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