June 2023

Stressors and mental health symptoms can cause you to implode or explode

Implode or explode? Most of us have heard of the Titan submarine that imploded near the Titanic wreckage. The submarine was crushed under the weight of the water at that depth Also Known As (AKA) ‘an implosion.’ Subsequently, those in the submarine tragically lost their lives. Humans, and manmade structures, can only handle so much

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Trauma in Childhood

How does childhood stress impact trauma? Stressors permeate all aspects of life. Factors that influence one’s ability to manage stress include: An individual’s upbring Childhood experiences Genetics/heredity Other life experiences Early life experiences influence how one views stressors, tolerates stressors, and recovers from these stressors. As a person experiences stressors, especially in early childhood, their

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Therapy versus Counseling

Do I need therapy? Before we answer this, let’s delve define some topics! People often confuse counseling, therapy, and psychotherapy. The latter two being similar. Counseling can take place in a talk format and be used as support for someone. Therapy/psychotherapy (here-on-out referred to as ‘therapy’) on the other hand typically have specific targets associated

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Traumatic Brain Injuries and Addiction        

How do Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) impact brain function? A TBI can impact one’s cognitive abilities ranging from: Future-oriented plan formulation Judgment making abilities Reasoning Concentration Information processing speed Speech and language expression Mood fluctuations Exhaustion As a result these cognitive challenges can then impact a person’s functioning in various areas of their life: Social

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Relationship Tips

4 Tips to a Healthy Relationship Any type of relationship dynamic needs to have a strong foundation to weather the storms of life. We’ve all witnessed what can happen in a relationship when trust has been broken through infidelity or someone can’t communicate effectively – it drives the relationship into the ground. Below are four

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