How Does Somatic Experiencing Therapy Work?

Somatic Experiencing (SE) therapy was designed by Dr. Peter Levine to assist with healing from various forms of trauma, nervous system dysregulation, and other disruptions within the mind-body connection. SE is considered a bottom-up form of therapy meaning that SE helps people heal from the body, nervous system, and then up the brain direction versus …

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Healing Attachment Trauma

Healing attachment trauma can be a long process. Prolonged brakes in loving connection, invalidation, and trauma are usually needed to disrupt a child’s attachment style. One or two events likely won’t be enough. This is why healing attachment trauma can take a long time. It is the profound neglect and lack of connection that needs …

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A Guide to Trauma Therapy

Trauma therapy can seem complex to navigate, especially for those in need of this support. This blog post will provide an overview guide to trauma therapy for those who are interested in this topic. Understanding Trauma There are many different forms of trauma. Some of the differences in trauma include the age of onset. For …

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Effects of Violence on Mental Health

In a society that is more connected via social media and the internet than ever, we can experience the effects of violence on mental health. Additionally, with violent events appearing to occur more frequently, we can easily find ourselves involved in these types of traumatic events. Violence in the Media It seems like everywhere we …

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Mental Health and Addiction in Life

Mental health and addiction in life do not specify who they do and do not affect.  From the rich to the poor, symptoms of mental health and addiction ripple through people’s lives. In this blog post, we will explore a variety of topics to include: statistics on and the impacts of both mental health symptoms …

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What is Polyvagal Theory?

The polyvagal theory highlights how the nervous system responds to threat – fight, flight, freeze, and sometimes fawning/appeasement. Polyvagal theory details that we have different states to our nervous system. The three main states in polyvagal theory are: A Sympathetic State – where we fight/flight in response to stress/trauma A Ventral Vagal State – where …

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Social Media and Mental Health

Recent research has shown that negative correlations between social media consumption and an increase in mental health symptoms. See the article on the National Library of Medicine for a more in-depth article here. Additionally, a person can experience vicarious trauma from all of the world events occurring in society from the constant exposure to the …

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