Mental Health Implosion or Explosion

With the pace of our world and the traumas in the news, our lives are moving faster than ever. Our mental health responses sometimes range between internalization, which can lead to implosion or externalization, which lead to explosion. No which way is better than the other, we often learn how to manage stressors and mental health from our upbringing, where we grew up, and our family. However, working with an individual therapist can help improve the quality of one’s life.

Mental Health Implosion

Due the fast pace of life, we often do not have time to slow down, reflect, and tend to our internal needs. This can lead to internal rage, critical self-talk, maybe even a pressure to be ‘perfect.’ As we wrestle these internal challenges, we may want to jump out of our own skin.This can lead to us lashing out even harder on ourselves, for example, harsh self-talk, self-harm, or even suicidal thoughts.

Mental Health Explosion

If we don’t implode, we may shift to explosion. This can mean that when we experience the stressors of life, do not obtain the social status we desire, or have difficult experiences in life, we can blame others or the larger environment for these outcomes. While, yes, external variables can influence outcomes. They are often not the sole influence of an outcome. With externalization, we can become explosive towards others, lash out on them, blame them, criticize them, or judge them harshly.

Does it Matter?

Mental health matters. It influences every action, behavior, or interaction in life. By tending to our internal needs, we can prevent implosion and explosion. This is done with the support of an individual therapist. Many factors can influence how one internalizes or externalizes life’s experiences.

It’s a Balance

Implosion or explosion - stress can't be bottled in forever. Individual therapy can help release this pressure.

It can be beneficial to balance internalization and externalization of stress as to not sway too far into implosion and explosion. While filtering out what stressors can be held internal versus those that need to be externalized can be a challenge, this is where individual therapy can help.

Can Therapy Help with Mental Health Implosion or Explosion?

We can implode or explode for various reasons. Sometimes past life events, upbringing, or family dynamics can influence how and why we do what we do. An individual therapist can support learning new ways to regulate implosion and explosion and process past challenges life challenges.

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