Can Couples Counseling Help My Relationship?

Relationships experience a vast array of challenges throughout their existence. Some of these challenges are normal experiences as no two or more people will ever see eye-to-eye on every subject/issue. Common disagreements are natural and inevitable. Working through issues as they arise and engaging in clear communication to resolve the underlying issue(s) will foster a strong foundation to whether future stressors. 

Sometimes, couple therapy is needed to address reoccurring problems such as communication, compromise, infidelity, and transitions in life. Problems with communication can arise when one person makes assumptions or perceives that bringing up a subject to discuss will cause stress so it is avoided all together. Developing effective communication strategies and openness are key to resolving these communication barriers. 

At times, individuals in a relationship struggle to compromise their desires in life for another’s desires. Addressing this directly and developing actionable methods to compromise can relieve the stress and decrease future stress on the relationship. 

Infidelity may occur physically or emotionally in a relationship. Depending on the state of the relationship and level of infidelity the relationship may not be able to move forward in a healthy dynamic. If infidelity occurs and the partners are authentically committed to seeing the relationship through, it is possible to maintain the relationship. By rebuilding trust that has disappeared and finding ways to openly discussing the impacts of the infidelity on the relationship a couple can work to move through this issue. Again, both individuals will need to want the relationship to continue. If not, the relationship may become toxic.

Relationships may experience stress when life throws curveballs, illness, or injury occur. This topic can include many topics from: disability, chronic health conditions, cancer, Traumatic Brain Injury (link back to TBI article please), job loss, or military deployment. Couples therapy or couples counseling can support the people in the midst of these transitions.

It is never too late or too early to reach out for support. If you or someone you know is struggling in their relationship please do not hesitate to reach out for Couples Counseling in Denver. We offer a free 20-minute consultation to ensure goodness of fit. Submit a therapy inquiry below.

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