What Causes Anxiety

There is no one single cause for anxiety. Anxiety typically develops because of a past situation or event. Parents can also pass their ‘anxiety related genetic code’ down to their children (although just because a person has the genes for anxiety does not mean that these genes will or ever become activated). It usually takes a stressful event to activate gene code. Substance use can also induce anxiety like symptoms.

Do All People Have Anxiety?

From my experience, we all have some situations that will make us anxious. How we experience anxiousness and the level to which we experience anxiety will depend on a number of factors. See blow:

  • Childhood attachment pattern(s)
  • Exposure to traumatic situations
  • Our ability or inability to self-soothe
  • Relaxation skills
  • Our nervous system’s general idle state

What is Anxiety Good For?

Anxiety is our body’s way of communicating to us that something is not right or safe either internally or externally. Anxiety is one of our body’s innate alert systems. However, sometimes our anxiety system inaccurately interprets internal or external cues in our environment.

Can An Anxiety Therapist Near Me Help with Anxiety? 

Addressing anxiety challenges with a therapist near you can be a great way to target and decrease anxiety symptoms. After therapeutic rapport has been establish, you and the therapist will work to develop ways to defuse from anxiety related thoughts and body sensations. You and the therapist will work to develop psychological flexibility in order for you to start living the life you desire. No longer will you find yourself paralyzed by anxiety.

There have been times when anxiety symptoms have been so severe that they also necessitate the need for psychiatric medications. In these moments, both psychiatric medications and therapy can conjointly support recovery efforts.

Woman living with past trauma.
Distressed individual

The easiest way to get started working with a Denver therapist for anxiety symptoms is to click here or call us at 720.295.6703. We offer a free 20-minute consultation call to ensure we are good fit to work together and that we can support you in your recovery process. Call now!

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