Utilizing Grounding Skills: 9 Skills to Help You Ground Yourself

We go through life and often do not acquire the skills to regulate our emotions, nervous system, or mental health symptoms when they arise. So, when we do need to ground ourselves, we can feel adrift in the middle of the ocean with no direction. Utilizing grounding skills to help manage these challenges can be extremely useful. This blog post will provide an overview of different grounding skills you can utilize in life to help stabilize emotions, the nervous system, and mental health symptoms.

Time in nature can be a great grounding skill to use in daily life.

  1. Breathing exercises – slowing the breath down can help to calm emotions and the nervous system when they become dysregulated.
  2. Small items in your pocket – keeping objects in your pock to hold when symptoms show up can help distract you in the moment.
  3. Images of nature – images of nature can help soothe the nervous system which often becomes dysregulated throughout the day.
  4. Scented items – there are numerous types of diffusers or scents to purchase that release aromas which can calm the body throughout the day. Find which scents work for you. Lavender is one that works for me!
  5. Comfort necklaces or bracelets – Wearing a necklace or bracelet that has sentimental meaning can help you draw on these powerful memories when mental health symptoms arise.
  6. Photos of loved ones – these photos often carry powerful emotions and sensations you can draw on when emotions or the nervous system become dysregulated to bring calm into your life.
  7. Time outside – getting outside to feel the air and/or sun on your skin can be extremely soothing to the body.
  8. Cold or hot drinks – bringing your attention to the different sensations one experiences when drinking these types of beverages can help us reconnect the mind-body connection.
  9. Exercise – is a great way to regulate the nervous system and ground your body from repeated pressure when walking, running, or lifting weights.

What if These Skills Aren’t Enough?

These grounding skills are short-term strategies and can buy you time in the moment. A longer-term, more effective strategy would be engaging in mental health therapy. A therapist near you can help you learn additional skills to manage emotion, symptoms of mental health, and nervous system dysregulation.

If grounding skills are not enough, the mental health symptoms, emotions, and nervous system dysregulation may stem from past trauma. In that case, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapist near you can support deeper healing, which would reduce the frequency of mental health symptoms and dysregulation of mood and the nervous system.

Lastly, emotion and nervous system dysregulation and, mental health symptoms may stem from other factors such as: family history, living environment, and learned behavior(s). This is where Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy can be implemented to support recovery. 

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