Trauma Doesn’t Go Away

Human beings are fascinating. On one level we can think critically and creatively to solve some of the world’s most complex problems. On the other hand, we struggle to let go, heal, and/or forget the pain of our past. Sometimes, the trauma doesn’t go away – on its own. However, there are ways to heal and integrate the painful memories of the past.

Different Ways Can Trauma Occur

Trauma can occur in any person’s life at any point in time. If we follow the human development curve, we can see trauma may occur in different forms as an individual ages. At any point in time, traumatic stressors increase a person’s stress response, which then increases levels of cortisol and adrenaline throughout the body, which can lead to health issues later in life.

Different forms of trauma may include:

  • In utero trauma – the mother carrying a growing fetus experiences stress, i.e. domestic violence, car accident, or medical complications
  • Childhood neglect – a child does not have the attachment or nourishment needed to support development
  • Childhood bullying – as a child experiences bullying their sense of self and esteem can become greatly diminished
  • Mass shootingsTrauma doesn't go away on its own. Find out how EMDR therapy can help you heal from past trauma events. – these can occur at any point in life but also at schools where students are engaged in school activities
  • Physical and sexual abuse – caretakers or strangers violate a person’s boundaries, sense of autonomy, and someone’s trust
  • Car accidents – these are often unpredictable events that can leave a person feeling powerless and injury
  • Witnessing a traumatic event – these can include car accidents as noted above but also seeing someone fall off a ladder or observing a natural disaster
  • Unexpectant loss – randomly having someone close to you die
  • Combat or first responder trauma – consistently being exposed to horrific elements and/or physical or sexual abuse/harassment that may take place in these settings 

How Does Trauma Impact Me?

Trauma impacts every person differently. A thorough assessment is needed to determine what symptoms may be related to traumatic events. Childhood trauma and/or chronic trauma may create different symptoms than a single incident trauma, i.e. car accident.

Some general areas of life that trauma effects can include:

  • One’s level of self-worth, esteem, and efficacy in life
  • Ability to trust others
  • Create numbness and hollowness to emotions in life
  • Disruption in sleep
  • Constantly feeling restless or like you can’t ‘settle down’
  • Guilt and shame related to one’s past actions or lack of action
  • Increases in impulsive actions
  • High-risk behavior taking

It is also important to note that some symptoms that may arise after trauma may actually be ways to cope. These symptoms may look like:

  • Substance use to numb out emotions and body sensations
  • Anxiety symptoms may mask underlying hypervigilance
  • Self-harm or suicidal thoughts 

Do I want to heal?

This is a hard question. Many times, people seeking to heal from trauma want to heal but they also don’t know how they can face the past because it’s so painful. People may fear looking backwards or fear what will happen in their life once they heal.

This is why the therapeutic relationship is so important. This relationship provides the support, safety, and compassion you need to face the challenges of your past.

Ways to Heal from Trauma

There are many ways to heal from trauma. What works for one person may not work for another. At Revitalize Mental Health PLLC we offer both Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy as well as Somatic Experiencing (SE) therapy to support trauma recovery. Both types of therapies are gentle ways to heal and integrate past traumatic situations within the body.

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If you are ready to take the leap to heal from you past – call now to schedule a free consultation. You can submit a form online here or call 720.295.6703. We’d be honored to support you in your healing journey!

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