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We all go through hard times in life. However, being a male in our society has its own challenges. Therapy for men is hard to find due to the intersection of external and internal views held by society. On one hand, we know men need help at some point in life. However, there is still a view in our society that being a man and asking for help is viewed as ‘weak’. (Read more by following this link on men and masculinity.) Let’s change that narrative. What if asking for help is a sign of courage, intention, and a way to cut through the crap to live your best life for your spouse and kids.

Stereotypes in the United States

Our society was built on defiance and grit. The United States (US) still directs these views towards men. I ask, can men have perseverance and grit and still ask for help? I think yes. Why allow stereotypes dictate the quality of your life? Why not enjoy the life you have? Sometimes it isn’t just the stereotypes that guide how and what we do but also our ego.

Let Ego Go

Our egos are a central driver of our actions and behaviors in this world. Sometimes, egos can also get in our way of healing or asking for help. I suggest looking backwardMen don't have to face their challenges alone. Seeking help from an individual therapist can help jump-start the healing process. at your life and asking yourself if what you have been doing is working. If it has, then great! However, if this looks like avoidance, escape from painful memories, not having successful friendships and relationships, alcohol, and/or substances – then maybe change and healing are in order. You can only run for so long.

Maybe it’s time to consider mental health therapy in Kenosha. A lot goes on in our world. These worldly events cause stress, anger, rage, and not to mention the pain or trauma we carry from childhood or earlier in life. These things can be addressed with an individual therapist in Kenosha.

Can Men Heal?

If this post resonates with you and you are willing to put aside the ego and be vulnerable in the therapy room – then yes. Healing takes time. Finding a therapist that you connect with takes time and effort as well. As the internal challenges begin to resolve. the quality of your life exponentially increases. Give it a shot.

Male Therapist in Kenosha, WI

At Revitalize Mental Health PLLC, we understand the stereotypes that permeate men in the US. We know reaching out can be uncomfortable and even intimidating. Therapy sessions are confidential with the exception of a few risk areas. If you are tired of white knuckling life just to make it through another day, it’s time to start healing with a therapist in Kenosha. Call us at 720.295.6703 or submit an online form here. We would be honored to support you in the recovery process.

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