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One of the best uses of a couples’ time is to invest in themselves and their relationship through therapy. It can be a daunting task to find a therapist near you that meets your couples’ needs so be sure to look around!

How can couples therapy help us?

Couples therapy, or couples counseling as it is sometimes referred to, can address multiple issues within a relationship. Below are some issues that couples

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counseling can address:

  • Infidelity
  • Trust challenges
  • Interpersonal stressors
  • Communication patterns
  • Mental health symptoms
  • Addiction challenges

Additionally, couples therapy can simply provide a safe place for each member to talk about challenges in their relationship. There does not have a be an ‘issue’ or ‘challenge’ to go to any form of therapy.

Do we need couples therapy?

That is a question you and your partner need to discuss and answer collectively. Therapy cannot be coerced. If you experience any of the above challenges mentioned above or have experienced these challenges for some time – working with a couples counselor could be the answer. Therapy cannot solve all problems in a relationship.

What does relationship therapy look like?

In very much the same way as one would work individually with a therapist, a couples therapist will meet with you both for an intake session. The clinician will collect background information from both individuals and you all will develop a treatment plan to target specific challenges within your relationship to address.

When a couple is involved in couples therapy the therapist may suggest that each or one of the members in the relationship engage in individual therapy to address specific issues.

What topics are not covered in couples counseling?

This is a good question as all topics are welcome to be discussed in couples counseling. Although, if for example, one person in the relationship experienced trauma then this would not be something addressed specifically in couples therapy and would require an individual trauma therapist. The topic of trauma would be discussed but in more broad terms and the trauma impacts relationship dynamics.

Does Revitalize Mental Health offer couples therapy and relationship therapy?

We do; however, our specialty areas in this practice include: mental health, addiction, trauma, and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs). If a member of the relationship experiences challenges with any of these categories then we may be a great fit to work together.

Don’t wait, start experiencing the benefits of relationship therapy in Denver, CO!

If both you and your partner are committed and want to better the quality of your relationship call now to schedule a consultation for Relationship Therapy in Denver and South Denver. You can also submit a form here! We offer a free 20-minute consultation to ensure we are the right fit.

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