Male Therapy in Colorado: Learn How Individual Therapy Can Help You Live the Best Life

Asking for Help in This Society is Hard

Our society does not value asking for help. It can be highly stigmatizing to prioritize your mental health, even though it is a major part of a person’s life. Asking for help can also be perceived by some as ‘weak’. The ideal of ‘individualism’ permeates many aspects of our society. However, this can also lead to high levels of isolation and loneliness.

To counter this, there are organizations, such as the National Alliance on Mental Illness, that support connecting those who need help with professional therapy services.

Furthermore, it can be very challenging for males in our society to ask for mental health support. By not asking for help, this does two things 1 – perpetuates the mentality that men don’t need help and 2 – highly stigmatizes males who do ask for help.

Therapy for Men in South Kenosha

Individual therapy for men can cover many different topics from:

  • Managing sadness
  • Being vulnerable with a significant other
  • Processing past trauma(s)
  • Issues with sex drive
  • Dealing with anger
  • Financial stressors
  • Guilt and shame related to past events
  • Combat trauma
  • Healing past attachment patterns
  • Becoming the best you to raise children (see below)

Therapy for Dad’s in Colorado

This can be a challenging topic for males as there is a line to walk between being a supportive father and also teaching discipline. Working with a therapist who has lived these challenges, can create a natural level of empathy to support the therapeutic process, healing, and growth.

Most importantly, fathers are not perfect. It is just as crucial to try our best as it is to admit when a mistake was done. This allows for natural rupture and repair processes to occurs. It also models to children how to make amends with others in the future.

Can Individual Therapy Help Me?

Male after experiencing the healing effects of therapy.

Yes, however it takes time. All of those societal barriers and the unconscious walls we put up show up in therapy. Individual therapy (either online or in-person) will work to create awareness around the barriers and walls we put up in our daily lives. Therapy will work to heal old and recent wounds that continue to impact how you navigate daily life. Lastly, therapeutic work will help you foster a new you that you are proud of.

Strive Towards a New You with Mental Health Therapy

Revitalize Mental Health offers both online individual therapy throughout Colorado, as well as in-person individual therapy on the weekend. Call now, or submit a form here, to see how working with the best mental health therapist can benefit your life.

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