Individual Therapy for LGBTQIA+

Finding an individual therapist near Kenosha can be a challenge. Finding an individual therapist that understands how to support and is inclusive of those who identify with the LGBTQIA+ population is even harder. Which is one of the reason this blog was written. In this blog post we will highlight questions to ask a potential therapist before starting therapy to ensure goodness of fit and other factors that may arise during therapy.

Questions to Ask

Finding a therapist to meet your individual needs can take time.

  • Have you worked with a someone who identified as LGBTQIA+ in the past?
  • Did any challenges arise during this time?
  • Where does your empathy supporting the LGBTQIA+ population stem from?
  • Have you taken additional training(s)g related to the LGBTQIA+ population to inform individual therapy?
  • How do you approach staying informed about LCBTQIA+ related topics/issues?

Factors for You to Consider

  • Finding a therapist that you can connect with and has the clinical training needed to support you are the most important factors
  • Location is not much of an issue as most therapists also offer online therapy for ease and accessibility. Most mental health therapies can be implemented via online individual therapy
  • Utilize the free 15-20 minute consultation call to ensure goodness of fit between you and the potential therapist

All People are Unique

Therapists are often informed about many of the challenges and stressors facing the LGBTQIA+ population. It can be difficult to know and stay current with every piece of information. Humility is important here. What can be more telling is how open a therapist is to learning and incorporating new information into their therapeutic practice and how humble they are to say “I didn’t know that but thank you for informing me.”

LGBTQIA+ Informed Therapist Near Kenosha

At Revitalize Mental Healthy, we understand some, not all, of the complex concepts associated with the LGBTQIA+ population. We take an open and support stance to therapy that allows for a supportive therapeutic alliance to form to allow for healing. If you are looking for a mental health therapist near Kenosha that is informed on LGBTQIA+ topics call us at 720.295.6703 or submit an online form here to start the individual therapy process.

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