How does cheating impact my relationship?

Relationships and Cheating

Per, 44% of both unmarried men and women cheat in their relationships. Couples therapy may be able to help the relationship recover.

How Does Cheating Impact My Relationship?

Cheating can have drastic effects on the quality of your relationship. Trust takes a long time to build and can be torn down in mere seconds. After cheating has occurred in a relationship, members in the relationship can decide to:

  • Stay together
  • Take time apart
  • End the relationship

If the choice is to stay or take time apart and restart the relationship, cheating can have various different impacts on interpersonal interactions. Cheating often triggers people’s insecurities and wound parts from past life experiences. Individual therapy can help address these personal treatment targets.

For example, interpersonal challenges that cheating can create may be better suited for a relationship counselor. Some of the interpersonal problems that follow cheating may include:

  • Difficulty with intimacy
  • Higher levels of co-dependency
  • Helicoptering the partner to make sure they are cheating
  • Emotional distance for fear of being hurt again

What Are The Different Forms of Cheating?

Couple exhibiting stress in their relationship.When referencing the different forms of cheating that can take place in a relationship, highlights 10 different forms of cheating.

  • Cheating sexually
  • Online affair
  • Financial infidelity
  • Emotional Cheating
  • Fantasizing about someone else
  • Physical affair without sex
  • Romantic feelings for someone else
  • Giving time and effort to a hobby
  • Micro-cheating

Can Couples Therapy Help Heal A Relationship?

Relationship therapy works best when, despite the cheating that has occurred, the partners are committed to making the relationship work. However, in some cases, relationship counseling is utilized as a means to amicably support people when they decide to separate.

However, people in the relationship are willing to work through, discuss ways to heal the relationship, and are committed to the process then relationship therapy can have a positive impact on the relationship dynamic.

How To Find a Couples Therapist Near You?

Searching online for and calling couples therapists can help you connect with someone trained in couples therapy. It is important to utilize a free consultation call to ensure the therapist you are speaking with can support what the relationship needs. Click here to schedule a free 20-minute consultation with Revitalize Mental Health to see how couples counseling can benefit your relationship.

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