Exploring Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is another form of cognitive behavioral therapy that emphasizes increasing a person’s functionality despite mental health symptoms, chronic pain, of life stress. But what are the benefits of ACT therapy? How can ACT help you in your life?

Find peace in life with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy near you.

ACT therapy has been shown to alleviate many different challenges in an individual’s life. ACT is typically done in one on one individual therapy settings. However, ACT therapy can also be delivered in a group therapy format as well.

ACT therapy begins with a clinical case conceptualization, which usually incorporates the ACT hexaflex diagram. ACT can target many different challenges in a person’s life. These problems can include:

  • Chronic stress – life’s struggles never seem to let up. ACT can help to create space between your inner self and life’s challenges
  • Depression symptoms – ACT can help to address both behavioral and cognitive challenges associated with depressive symptoms
  • Forms of anxiety – Anxiety can stop someone from living out their values. ACT can help address the cognitive and physiological challenges that arise with anxiety.
  • Addiction – ACT can support someone with identifying values and to learn how addiction impedes living out a values in life
  • Psychosis – ACT can help to increase responsivity to hallucinations and other symptoms of psychosis
  • Chronic pain – pain can literally cripple one’s life. ACT can help reduce psychological suffering

An ACT therapist can support someone facing many diverse challenges in life. The above list is not exhaustive.

Benefits of Working with an ACT Therapist in Kenosha, WI

ACT therapy helps to increase a person’s functioning and decrease a focus on internal stress through multiple strategies. These strategies are discussed below:

  • Present-moment focus – increases an individual’s awareness of internal sensations and breath
  • Defusion – works to create space between symptoms and one’s response to them
  • Values – identifying values can unlock large amounts of energy and motivation
  • Committed action – these are smaller steps to support valued living
  • Self-as-context – brings awareness to the different forms of one’s self to address self-esteem and worth issues
  • Acceptance – life throws many difficulties our way. Learning how to hold these challenges and continue towards our values can go a long way

Find a Local ACT Therapist

At Revitalize Mental Health PLLC, we are trained in ACT and able to apply it to many challenges people bring into the office. If you’d like to explore or know you want to engage in ACT Therapy in Kenosha call us at 720.295.6703, or submit an online form here to start.

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