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You’re constantly on edge.

It feels like you can never rest and can’t let go.
Why did it have to happen to you? You’re so angry that you can’t move on.
You’ve tried numbing the memories, but the emotions always come flooding back more vivid than ever.
It takes everything you’ve got pretending to be “normal,” while you’re up most of the night with restless dreams.

The pain is wearing you down.people g9d8c0b065 640

Each morning you wake up more exhausted and more drained than the day before.
You’re alone with this pain. No one understands.
One minute you’re okay, and the next, you’re snapping at your wife and kids over nothing.
You feel ashamed, and day by day, you’re drifting farther away from that that care about you.

Decide to start healing.

Your past has controlled your life long enough.
EMDR therapy gives you the tools and skills to regulate your mood, easily and predictably.
In our sessions, you’ll integrate the painful memories without flooding your nervous system.
You’ll feel calm and confident to move through the world without worrying about ‘triggers.’

Reconnect with the part of you that were lost.

By healing the parts of your brain currently managing your past, you’ll discover new energy to care for yourself and create the life you deserve.
EMDR therapy releases the stored energy in your nervous system and activates your body’s innate ability to heal.
Integrate the parts of you that were injured by your traumatic event and become present for the ones you love once more.

It’s time to take your life back.

Through our work, your confidence will flood back into your life as you once again connect with others.
You’ve lost enough. It’s time to break free.
Every day that is lost to the pain of your past is a day we can’t get back.
Don’t lose any more of your life through the pain of a traumatic event. Start healing now.

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