Domestic Violence and Trauma

Domestic violence can occur at any point throughout a relationship. Domestic Violence can occur male to female, female to male, or partner to partner depending on the relationship. The Women Against Abuse website lists various forms of domestic violence that exist in our world.

What is The Domestic Abuse Cycle?

Psych Central details that there are four stages in the cycle of domestic violence. These stages include:

  1. Tension building
  2. Incident of Violence
  3. Reconciliation
  4. Calm

It is important to note that there are not time lengths when it comes to each of these stages. Every relationship pattern is different from relationship to relationship.

How Does Domestic Violence Create Trauma?

Grit and persistence overcome challenges.

As a person experiences domestic violence, they are exposed to various forms of trauma and stress. Sometimes is in intermittently or for enduring periods of time. This can negatively impact an individual in a variety of ways to include:

  • Changes in the neurobiology of the brain
  • Physical health challenges
  • Disrupt the physiological connection throughout the body
  • Negative thoughts about self
  • Co-dependency

As seen in this article, domestic violence does not only impact those in the relationship but entire communities as well.

Can People Heal From Domestic Violence?

A mental health therapist can assist a person who has experienced domestic violence in a variety of ways. These ways may include:

  • Rebuilding self-confidence and worth
  • Managing healthy boundaries in relationships
  • Establishing clear expectations for future relationships
  • Increasing assertiveness skills

What Therapies Can Support Someone Who Has Experienced Domestic Violence?

This depends on the reasons a person is seeking therapy. If an individual wants to focus on increasing self-esteem, then psychotherapy will focus on this area or related areas. Learning ways to assert oneself effectively may include, a local trauma therapist in Denver, and evidence-based therapies such as (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)). In addition, role-playing may be used to practice assertive skills.

What Trauma Therapy Can Help Someone Who Has Experienced Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence often contains elements of trauma. Sometimes, depending on the dynamics of intimate partner violence, a person can develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). After a strong rapport is developed, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy may be utilized to address past traumatic experiences.

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