PTSD Is Stealing Your Life

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Ignoring the hurt doesn’t work.

You wish you could snap your fingers and make it all go away, but you would have done that a long time ago if that worked.

Numbing the memories and emotions only works to suppress the pain.

Now, you’re right back to square one.

You know where the pain comes from, but the terror of staring it in the eyes shakes you to your core.

You wake up each day thinking, hoping, and praying things will be different, but here you are.

The pain is wearing you down.

You feel like an island in a room full of people you know and love.

You’re alone with this pain no one understands.

Day by day, you drift farther away from those that care about you.

The unpredictable way your memories attack you leaves you feeling like you’ll never be able to escape.

You’re either wholly numb or lashing out at the ones you love. Something has to change.

Make the decision.

You’ve seen firsthand how PTSD controls and limits your life, and you’re finally ready to do something.

Through our work, you will begin to establish skills to regulate your mood in an intentional way.

You will integrate the past traumatic memories, nightmares, and flashbacks, so you no longer get stuck when these experiences pop up.

As our work progresses, you will notice a decrease in avoiding life challenges, particularly, no longer avoiding aspects of the traumatic event when they arise.

In our work, you will reconnect with aspects of yourself that have been hidden, which will allow you to trust yourself and others in your life – and set boundaries where they need to be set. Your life will expand – for the better.

Take the step.

I’ll help you gain the skills to renew your mind-body connection and manage your emotions in a supportive and authentic environment.

By using Cognitive-Behavioral strategies, you and I will work to release the grip PTSD has on your life. The trust you will uncover in yourself will boost your self-esteem and transform your life.

Your confidence will flood into other areas of your life, and you will notice an increased connection to others, to the things you value, and most importantly, to yourself.

It’s time to take your life back.

Every day that passes is another day lost to the pain of PTSD, which affects you and the ones you love.

You’ve lost enough.

Don’t lose any more of your life being captive to your PTSD.

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