Make This New Year Resolution Count

Why do New Year resolutions fade after a few months? All too often, people set up New Year’s resolutions with good intentions to improve their lives. Yet, after three or four months into the new year our intention, passion, and commitment fade into the background. Or, life’s busyness gets in the way. So how do we make this new year resolution count for you?

New Year’s Resolutions Work…At First

At the beginning of every New Year, many individuals are full of commitment and passion to carry out their resolutions. However, after a few months, some of them see their commitment, passion, desire, and grit fade away. This happens to many people every year. Is there a way to change this? If so, what is it?

Where Does the Drive Go?

Some of the interest and focus on creating New Year resolutions is based on hype and conformity. Everyone else is doing it, so we tag along to fit in. However, since this process doesn’t align with our values, we have no interest in what we are giving our commitment to, or think we need to do something but in reality, we have no time and thus won’t do whatever it is we say we will do. So, we end up using time and energy where it could be used elsewhere. 

Make Lasting Changes

Fireworks to celebrate the New Year.

Our passions come alive when we live out our values. Some of us don’t even know what our values may be. This is one challenge. This can be due to past childhood trauma, addiction, or self-doubt. These things can impede us from following our values. However, life doesn’t have to be this way.

Living out our values unleashes our potential, passion, and energy. Click here to read Victor Frankl’s book Man’s Search for Meaning. This book can shed light on valued living throughout life. Additionally, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy uses values to help guide people to engage in valued living in the face of mental health symptoms.

Individual Counseling Near WI

At Revitalize Mental Health PLLC, we understand that life gets busy and that society influences how we live. We also understand the importance of living out values in life and can support you in making the necessary changes to start this process. Don’t be fooled by short-term New Year false starts. Start living your life. Call us at 720.295.6703 or submit an online form here to step into your desired life.

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