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Facing mental health symptoms and their associated challenges can be intimidating and daunting. It can also be a powerless endeavor as one recognizes that mental health symptoms rarely come and go but more so come and stay throughout someone’s life. The hard part of living with mental health symptoms is learning how to navigate the mental health resources to support recovery and a life worth living.

What Resources When?

Finding what resources you need will depend on what challenges you face. If you are having suicidal thoughts a suicide prevention resource will be most helpful versus a directory of addiction programs. On the other hand, if you grew up in a difficult family that experienced mental health and addiction challenges then adult children of alcoholics and dysfunctional families support groups may be more beneficial for you than a crisis center. Thus, finding the needed mental health support will depend specifically on what challenges you face.

National Mental Health Resources

Below is a list of other national resources to access if needed:

Kenosha Mental Health Resources

Every state/city will have local mental health resources to utilize if/when needed. Here in Kenosha, CO we have:

Again, it is important to find a mental health resource that match your need(s) in a given region. Not all community resources are designed the same. Some can’t serve certain types of mental health challenges or addiction problems.

 Local Counselors Near Me

Bring the joy back into your life with individual and relationship counseling near Cherry Creek.

Other forms of community mental health resources will be more localized depending on the city, region, and country you live in. If you are searching for community counselors to support ongoing mental health issues that don’t reach crisis level intervention, a counselor near you may be a great option to receive needed support. Working with a local counselor can help you establish ways to manage mental health symptoms, implement coping skills, work towards values, and live the life you desire. 

Individual and Relationship Counseling Near Cherry Creek

At Revitalize Mental Health, we provide both individual and relationship counseling to address mental health symptoms and challenges in relationships. If you believe counseling could benefit your life, call us now at 720.295.6702, or to start the process!

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